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"The chances of a laptop being lost or stolen this year are 1 in 10." - Gartner Group, 2002

Welcome to, by using you make recovering your PC or laptop from loss or theft and preventing identity theft much more likely at absolutely no cost and little effort or inconvenience.

Enter some simple details below and you will be provided a unique web address which should be set as your web browser's start page. This unique link will automatically redirect to your choice of web page and in the process log your device's internet address.

If your PC or laptop is ever stolen then each time it is used it's location will be captured and this information can then be passed to the police to help aid recovery.

How to Use

  • Step 1

    Register your Laptop ---->

  • Step 2

    Set your Unique qeeqie link as your browsers home page.

  • Step 3

    Continue using your Laptop as normal.

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