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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How does it work
A. When you enter your device's details on the "Register Device" page you are provided a unique homepage link for that device. When you set that link to be your home page link, each time you open your web browser your Internet address will be logged on If your computer or other device is stolen and the thief tries to use the web browser then their Internet address will be logged. This information can be passed on to the relevant authorities to aid them in recovering your device.

Q. What if the thief reformats the drive, will this still work?
A. No, this will not survive a hard drive format but at least all your confidential data will no longer be in the hands of a thief.

Q. Can I use the same link on multiple devices
A. No, this will render that link useless and all devices with that link will no longer be protected as there will be no way to differentiate between devices. One link to one device.

Q. What information is logged
A. Each time the home page is loaded the devices Internet address (IP Address) is logged and time stamped, no further details are logged

Q. How long is the data kept for?
A. The logging information is kept for 30 days

Q. Which devices are supported?
A. Any device that connects to the Internet and has a web browser that can have it's start page changed including Laptops and PC's (Windows, Macintosh and Linux), PSP, PS3, many PDA's and most modern mobile phones.

Q. I have Internet Explorer and Firefox, which one should I configure?
A. Both, you never know which one the thief prefers to use.

Q. What is the likely hood that this will help recover my device?
A. There are no guarantees however the chances of recovering a device using as your start page are obviously higher than without.

Q. I've had my laptop stolen and I have as my homepage, what do I do now?.
A. Click the menu option "Report Device Lost" and follow the instructions, if the person now in possession of your laptop has used it to access the Internet then will have the information that your local law enforcement agency will need to help track the device's location. This is not something you can do by yourself.

Q. I have multiple web browsers on one laptop, should I register multiple times?
A. Not for the same device, no, set all browsers on that one device to a single link. One link to one device.

Q. I have insurance, why would I still use
A. Insurance covers the hardware only, for most people the data is more valuable.

Q. Which countries does this work in?
A. All countries with Internet access - in other words, everywhere.

Q. I've forgotten/lost my device's unique URL OR the email address I used to sign up with
A. Using the tools page you can find the lost information

Q. I've forgotten/lost my device's unique URL AND the email address I used to sign up with
A. If the device is still in your possession then simply create a new unique device link and start using that. If you have lost your device then send as much information as you can remember to

How to Use

  • Step 1

    Register your Laptop ---->

  • Step 2

    Set your Unique qeeqie link as your browsers home page.

  • Step 3

    Continue using your Laptop as normal.